FMP Update 2

I have recently had a chat with my lecture. It is suggested that I shorten my audio to get straight to the point of the gags.

I have also updated a small amount of my animatic. The end part I am not too fond of, so I will edit that part out. Animatic part 2


FMP update

After sharing my rough animation on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Word Press, Vimeo and Youtube, I have had very positive feedback, as well as the 200 views on the video. Many people enjoyed the reaction of my dad to me going pole dancing. Friends who have never met my dad saw the video and stated how I should do more/ complete the rest of the audio. A few also advised that I should edit some of the actions, to which I will take into consideration. (Images below)

After speaking to my lecturer, I have been asked to animate another part of a piece of audio between my father and myself, but in more detail. I do have rough designs of my characters, however, as my work was inspired by The Ricky Gervais Show, I may try to design the characters in a similar style.

If you haven’t seen the video, here is the link:Testuntitled-1


25 FPS

I have to work with one of my piers on a short sting for my course.I will be working with Marc. Sound has been provided. Our idea is to have a life model walk into shot and colour balls will drop down like a gown.

*Note: only from the knees to feet will you see the model.

I rota-scoped the legs, whilst Marc animated the balls and edited the footage together. Link below – it is the last part after onomatopoeia (00.36).

3 weeks in October


Film Noir – research

A genre of cinematographic film that is created with fatalism, pessimism and menace. This was started around 1944 to 1954. Directors such as Fritz Lang and Billy Wilder have used this style in their films.  (Google definition).

Some films that are in this style are The Big Sleep, Touch of Evil and Out of the Past.

Here are some examples of Film Noir. Observing them, the use of dark and light shades of black. Some of tones are quite harsh depending on the situation. silhouettes are also bold as well as shadows. I could use various shades and dark colours with my animation. I could also draw out the similar styles – the females hair are up and in various hair styles.

Images below reference.

60 Free Film Noir Movies

Onomatopoeia – process

I have found a student below me to help out with my animation. They will do animate to one sound.

I have chosen category E – Jingle, chirp, groan, scratch, quiver and squelch.

My idea for theses are quite sexual, however I have asked the student below to animate however they wish. I plan to split these sounds into 6, 5 second animations.


The next task I have to complete is onomatopoeia and I have to choose a category and ask a student a year below me to help.

I have to choose from a category of sounds and create a 30 second animation clip that includes imagery, the sound and word. I also have to do the art style Film Noir.

Power of 9 Animation

I gave completed my animation. I have applied the art movement on the drawing of the human body. I have applied the art style and the 9 moves. With the art style, Fauvism, I drew my drawing on Photoshop and applied various vibrant colours onto it and then smudged them in to make it look much more appealing. I found this style quite fun to do and it is visually appealing and stands out from the background (which is why I used it as I felt the colours would distract the viewer). I applied the 9 moves; like I said on my last post, some of the moves occur at the same time – inside, between and through.